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Last Updated 2/7/2014

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Travel in Italy

Travelling in Italy is easy and safe! Once you arrive in the country it is so simple to visit all of the main Italian tourist spots:

By Plane: if you have the money to spend!

By Train: Which is the most common form of transportation for Italians who also travel between cities, as it is for the tourist and foreigners.

By Bus: Which is less used, but is useful for those locations not well serviced by the train system, (such as Siena, the Alps or some sea locations and/or the south of Italy)

By boat: Which enables you to get to all of the wonderful Italian islands: The Aeolian, Sicily, Sardinia, Isola di Elba, and others etc.

By Car: (rented) Italy is a long country, covering a little more than 1000km, to get around it by car is easy and fast. Rental car prices are average, and the roads are nearly always in good condition (except for certain areas in southern-Italy). Fuel is a little expensive, at approx. 1 euro a litre, but other than that you will not have any problems (apart from finding a parking space). If you want a private tour in italy with driver try: italy tours , specialized in Tuscany tours, Florence tours, Rome tours; private shore excursions from the port of Civitavecchia, Livorno, Venice and Naples The staff at your chosen school should be able to advice you from time to time on travel arrangements and at least indicate to you those agencies that specialise in organising well priced tickets. Many schools also organise excursions and short weekend trips (look for this in the section “activities”).

Visit Esplorando l'Italia that designs itineraries for small groups:

In Italy, travel is easy at any time of the year, so we advise you not to make reservations before arriving. The best solution is to travel during study breaks, which can be organised from within Italy. (But remember to reserve a hotel in the historical cities, Rome, Florence, Venice, if you wish to visit during the high season).


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