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    Milan(Head Office)
    Sanremo(Branch Office)
    Florence(Branch Office)

    Our didactic method is the result of many years experience in teaching Italian to non-native speakers and even if the approach is strictly communicative. The student here is encouraged to express himself while considering the linguistic and grammatical characteristics of the Italian Language.  

    The school organizes courses in several important cities in Italy like Milan, Bologna,Siena, Perugia, and Rome, and it is staffed by mother tongue professionals and certified teachers in Italian as a foreign language with a long and specific experience.

    An initial placement test, taken before the course begins, establishes the students level of Italian. At the end of the course, students are tested in listening,speaking, reading, and writing, and they receive a certificate of studies.

    Also, the Dante Alighieri School gives you the opportunity to go on to planned excursions around Italy where you can be able to practice what you learn in class. 

    The school is located in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance from"Duomo" and a few steps from "Castello Sforzesco", and "The last supper"of Leonardo da Vinci, near the railway station Cadorna. It is served by two underground lines and other means of public transportation.

    Our school has full-time staff in charge of accommodation and welfare. We will do our best to provide the information you need and help make the arrangements for any form of accommodation you may choose. All the accommodation options are connected to the school by public transport. 

    An initial placementtest, taken before the course begins, establishes the student's level of Italian. At the end of the course,students are tested in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. A Certificate of Studies"  isgiven to the students who have passed the examand have previously paid the required fee. The "Certificates ofStudieshave been calibrated on the Levels of the Common European Framework ofReference for Languages (A1 -  A2 - B1 - B2 - C1 - C2).

    Istituto Dante Alighieri organizes courses of:

            Standard Italian

            Business Italian

            Italian for Fashionand Design Schools (in Milan)

            Italian for Operasingers (in Milan)

    Istituto Dante Alighieri organizes preparatory courses for:

            University Admission

            CILS - CELI - PLIDA exam

    Istituto Dante Alighieri organizes didactic activities and refreshercourses  for teachers of Italian as a foreign language  (in Milan).

  • City
    Viareggio(Head Office)

    Come to Viareggio and lern italian at the beach!
    The italian language school "Giacomo Puccini Centre" offers all year Italian Language Courses to learn italian in Viareggio. The school is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research

    Learn italian while you also learn culture. Be part and choose one of our italian language programs here in Viareggio. We offer different italian language programs from the standard language course to individual tuition. You also have the option to take our Italian Diploma course (AIL Exams and CILS exams).Here you will meet people from all over the world that comes here to study the italian language and culture. We have excellent weather due that we are right at the seaside. Viareggio is located close to Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Carrara.

    The method

    Listening, reading, writing and speaking are four basic skills that will give you the oportunitty to learn the language. In the school we teach you this skills from the first level to achieve understanding and expression. The classroom is the best area to comunicate with the support of authentic teaching material. At advanced levels different types of text are used to impove the different language stlyes.

    The Italian teachers

    Our teachers are native Italian speakers. We place great emphasis on our selection and training of teachers. We search for motivated and interesting people who can motivate all their students. One of the requirments is to have a University degree. The must be acquainted with different topic areas. They have been trained in traditional and modern teaching method.

    Italian course levels

    There are 5 different levels of Italian. Students have to pass an oral and written exam, to be placed in the right level.

    Basic ( beginner ): This course is for those students that are new in studying Italian language. By the end of the course, students must be able to know the basic things from culture and language.

    Level 2 ( elementary ): This course is for the students who already have a previous knowledge of some of the basic structures in Italian. By the end of the course students will have increased their level of grammar and vocabulary so they can be able to express themselves.

    Level 3 ( intermediate ): This course is designed for students with a more complex structures in the Italian language and a good vocabulary base. By the end of the course, students will be able to use their Italian more fluently and will have a greater understanding of the Italian way of life. The course attempts to improve the student's understanding of the linguistic and extra-linguistic structures in Italian.

    Level 4 ( advanced ) - This course is for students that have a perfect knowledge of the Italian culture and are able to perform aconversation.

    Level 5 ( proficiency ) - This course is designated for those students with a high command of the Italian language. Special emphasis is placed on perfecting the student's oral and writing skills and also in developing a global perspective of the Italian culture in relation to the student's particular field of interest.

    Teaching materials

    We developed a highly effective teaching system with the help of some textbooks. The courses are also supplemented by other material from radio, TV, music, magazines, newspapers etc. The textbook contains lessons with integrated exercises and homework.

    Teaching material used in class and the attendance certificate given at the end of the course are included in the course fee.


    Standard Italian language course

    Students attending the italian language course20 classes per week (approx. 45 minutes each) —This course is offered from all the year round at all levels. This is the most popular course and it is ideal for the majority of the students. The classes cover all aspects of the Italian language.

    • Starting dates: every 2 weeks
    • Duration: from 2 to 24 weeks
    • Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    • Tuition: on all 6 (monthly) ability levels
    • Class size: minimum 3, maximum 12 participants in each class*

    Working in small groups (average 8, max 12 people), you will quickly make progress in Italian. Special emphasis is placed on speaking and interactiving in italian.

    *In order to guarantee every student the corresponding level, the school reserves all rights to halve the course if the minimum number of students will not be reached.


    Intensive Italian language "Plus" 5 & 10 course

    25 / 30 classes per week (approx. 45 minutes each) —This course includes the Standard Italian language course plus 5 / 10 classes on an individual basis.

    • Starting dates: every 2 weeks
    • Duration: from 2 to 24 weeks
    • Lessons: 4 lessons of Standard Italian language per day, plus 1 or 2 lessons of private tuition
    • per day. 25 or 30 per week
    • Tuition: on all 6 (monthly) ability levels
    • Class size: minimum 3, maximum 12 participants in each class*; 1 participant in the private lessons

    We recommend this course for those who want to learn italian very quickly. In the individual classes you decide on the contents, topics and exercises with your teacher: the teacher will be able to help you individually.

    *In order to guarantee every student the corresponding level, the school reserves all rights to halve the course if the minimum number of students will not be reached.


    Individual tuition

    Minimum 3 to maximum 8 lessons per day; the course intensity may be changed from week to week. —We suggest you choose our private tuition program if you want a course that can be tailored to your particular professional, or personal, or time scheduling requirements. The minimum enrolment period is 5 days, which can be extended according to your needs.

    Trough continual practice of the language as an integral part of an intensive program with your own personal teacher, you are guaranteed swift progress and success in the shortest possible time.

    Your private tuition program is fully flexible in terms of times, dates, and what areas of interest you wish to study.

    These individual courses may start on any weekday of the year. The intensity of 3 to 8 lessons daily can be decided by the participant.


    Diplom course

    Accademia Italiana di Lingua— Our school is a recognized examination centre of the Accademia Italiana di Lingua (AIL), and we organize preparatory courses for all the different Italian "Firenze" examinations of the AIL.
    We organize different courses (Standard courses combined with specific Preparatory courses) for beginners as well as advanced students

    • Duration: The duration of the courses vary from 4 to 24 weeks, depending on your knowledge of the Italian language:

    DELI - Diploma "Firenze", basic level (elp: A1/A2 - s/n: N3)*:
    At the end of the 1st ability level; exams 4 times a year.

    DILI - Diploma "Firenze", intermediate level (elp: B1 - s/n: N6)*:
    At the end of the 3rd ability level; max. 3 months preparation for beginners; exams 4 times a year.

    DALI - Diploma "Firenze", advanced level (elp: B2/C1 - s/n: N9)*:
    At the end of the 6th ability level; max. 6 months preparation for beginners; exams twice a year.

    DALC - Diploma "Firenze" Business language, advanced level (elp: B2/C1- s/n: N9)*:
    At the end of the 6th ability level; max. 6 months preparation for beginners, including business and commerce course; exams twice a year.

    The specific preparatory courses always start one month before the examination dates and consist of 4 lessons daily of grammar review and conversation in the morning plus 2 lessons of test taking strategies and examination drills in the afternoon. On request we can send you our entry test to check your knowledge of the language and to establish the time necessary to prepare yourself for the different exams.

    Class size: Classes consist of minimum 3, maximum 12 participants in each class.**

    Ask for the special information brochure for the AIL-exams Firenze.

    * Levels according to the Assessment Grid of the European Language Portfolio (elp), based on the assessment grid of Schneider/North (s/n).
    **In order to guarantee every student the corresponding level, the school reserves all rights to halve the course if the minimum number of students will not be reached.


    Italian language course for senior

    This course is specifically designed for more mature students over the age of 50. Students will learn italian in a pleasant and relaxing enviroment, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural activities.

    the morning course of Standard Italian Language is designed to improve language and conversational skills, and heighten the awarness and appreciation of Italian culture

    • 4 language group course per day, 20 lessons per week
    • Excursions and tour in the afternoon
    • Minimum 3 participants.
    • If there is only one patecipant, she/he will be placed in an intensive Plus-5 course. All organized activities are free of charge for this participant
    • One full dey excursion during the weekend

    Carnival Week

    Every year Viareggio celebrates its "Carnival of Italy and Europe", with splendid day and night celebrations, floats, parades, district celebrations, masked dances and shows of every kind.
    During this period you can visit the "Citadel" (Carnival town), a structure that includeshangars for the creation of the floats, the papier-mache schooland the carnival museum.
     Viareggio's Carnival is the ideal place to meet different people and cultures, wich mixes traditionwith universal principles like solidarity and peace

    the morning course of Standard Italian Language is designed to improve language and conversational skills, and heighten the awarness and appreciation of Italian culture

    • orientation tour on the carnival of italy and Europe
    • Guided visit to the "Citadel" (Carnival town) and museum
    • Partecipation at shows and cultural events such as fun musical comedies and masked balls
    • Partecipation at the Carnival parades

    The Italian lessons

    Grammar and conversation lessons —The main emphasis of these lessons is placed on the development of communication skills in spoken and written present-day Italian. Examples of the subjects covered in the lessons are:

    • Grammar (forming words, sentence structure, spelling and word sounds). Not in the form of strict rules, but through communication and practice.
    • Everyday situations which you will encounter during your stay in Italy such as meeting people, telephone conversations etc.
    • Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
    • Styles of language use; when a particular use of language is acceptable
    • Cultural factors such as the meaning of words in different contexts; the gestures and body language which accompany and influence communication.
    • Language use.


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