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Last Updated 2/7/2014

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Accommodation in Italy

It is not difficult to find accommodation or lodging in Italy!! Nearly all schools offer an accommodation service, where an apartment, hotel or room will be organised by the school at your request.

The options:

1 Hotel, bed & breakfast, Pensione: adapted for short stays (max 20 days to 1mth) quaint and easy to find. The school can book your ideal room for you; the only question left is the budget?? (varies from city to city and type of hotel structure) it can start from 50 Euros up to 100/200 Euros a day.
Try for easy and secure online reservation of Hotels, Apartments, Farmhouses, Bed and Breakfast accommodation and Villas in Italy. This site provides extensive information on each listed property, including 30 - 40 fast loading images, direct booking access and useful information for travellers to Italy.
For specific destinations use:,,,

2 Rent a room in an apartment, (with an Italian family or other students); this is a common solution. Ideal for periods from monthly to six months or yearly. A room can be rented in the apartment of an Italian family, (if you are lucky many young Italians rent rooms to supplement their incomes) or in an apartment with other students.
The cost (which always varies from city to city: especially in the popular cities like Florence, Rome, Venice and then between the north of Italy and the favoured South), is approximately 350 to 600 euros a month.

3 Rent an entire apartment for yourself!
Obviously a great solution, especially with a group of friends to share the expenses with. Apart from the schools, there are also many real estate agencies within Italy, which do rent apartments to foreigners for short or long periods, (monthly, 3 to 6 monthly up to yearly).
Therefore if the school was unable to find your preferred solution, you could reserve a week/ten days in a hotel or pensione and then once in Italy try to independently source an apartment from an agency or from the classifieds. The cost of apartments can vary from 700 to 1000/1500 euros monthly.
For apartments in summer season try:

If you are planning for your next trip to Rome, to discover the most worderful treasures of the ethernal city, you may wish to rent a cute apartment, just in the city center. And after few days in the big city, you may even get some rest in the heart of the Tuscany farm, staying in one of the beautiful accomodations close to Florence or Siena. How to get there? Just rent a car, in Italy it is very much cheaper then you may expect!

Normally, we advise you to trust your chosen school to find accommodation solutions for you, even more so if your intended stay is for a short period, such as anything up to 3months. Should you wish to stay for 6 to 12 months, then we might advise you to make a reservation for a short period of time through the school and then try to find a better solution once you are in Italy.

As you will discover it is easy to make friends with the other students, and information travels quickly, between announcements, agencies, acquaintances etc...which can create better accommodation solutions for you.
Don’t forget to ask our advice through our “Personal Assistant” service.
Send us details of your situation and requests and we will provide you with the best advice!!


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