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Last Updated 2/7/2014

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Il Sasso italian School

Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2
53045Montepulciano (Si),
  • The school of Italian Il Sasso is in Montepulciano, in the heart of Tuscany, half way between Florence and Rome. It is located in a historic buildingin town. It has 8 large, airy classrooms and a hall for conferences. There is aterrace with a lovely panoramic view as well as free Internet Point forstudents and WiFi access.

    The Italian language school IlSasso offers to its students a wide variety of 
    mini-courses and other afternoon activities - guided tours, wine, olive oil and cheese tastings, cookingclasses, walks in the countryside - and the opportunity to study Italian orwatch a film at the school.

    Students are of every agegroup and come from all parts of the globe. Class sizes are from five to nine students.The classes of Italian Language and Culture are divided into six 
    levels based onthe Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the EuropeanCouncil.

    The principal objective of ourlanguage courses is to get our students, even those in the beginner andelementary levels, to the point where they're able to communicate in Italian.The great number of
    students who returnevery year is the best tribute to this.



    Our Italian languagecourses run for two weeks, however, it is possible to attend for one week onlyor for periods longer than two weeks. Students who already speak some Italianmay start classes every Monday, whereas newcomers to the language must start atthe scheduled starting dates.

    Italian courses and lessons start on Mondaymornings at 8:45 am with a placement test (90 minutes). For complete beginnersthere is no test so lessons start right away! Class sizes are from five to ninestudents. Classes are divided into six levels based on the "CommonEuropean Framework of Reference for Languages" of the European Council.

    If there is no suitable group available to anapplicant, the school will offer two hours of individual tuition per day at thesame price of the booked course. If the group consists only of two students theschool will offer three hours of lessons per day (
    policy). This way we avoid placing students in a levelthat is either too low or too high for them, and we're able to guarantee thatall students receive the same quality and attention year-round.

    Individual tuition is designed for thosestudents who are looking for a custom program that meets their individualneeds. Morning and afternoon classes are available.




    our language program is complemented by a program of cultural courses covering a rangeof topics from history and literature to current affairs, art and wine, forstudents who would like more in depth studies of various aspects of Italiansociety and culture.

    The Italian cultural courses start every Monday and run for either one or twoweeks. They consist of two hours (55 minutes each) of lessons every afternoonfor a total of 10 hours per week.

    For people interested in shorter programs, we suggest our 
    mini-courses: two or three afternoons of classes and practical activities deditacedto art, wine, cooking and popular traditions.

  • Montepulciano is easily accessible either by car or by train. By car, you leave the autostrada, A1, either at the Bettolle/Valdichiana exit (driving from North) or at the Chiusi Chianciano Terme exit (driving from South) and follow the signs for Montepulciano. On arrival, leave your car in car-park no. 7, go up the steps behind the bus-shelter, which lead to the main street. Turn right and walk 350 metres down to the school which you will find on your right, just beyond the archway, in Via di Gracciano del Corso 2. By rail, you take the Florence to Rome train and get off at Chiusi/Chianciano Terme. You then take the bus to Montepulciano, getting off at Porta Farina, which is at car-park no. 7, and follow the same directions as for the driver. (See immediately above). You will see the school on the street map.

  • Free Time

    The surroundings of Montepulciano offer innumerable possibilities for one's free time. Those interested in history and the history of art will immediately find evidence of every age which has left its mark on central Italy: Chiusi and Cortona, famous cities of Etruscan origin; the medieval monasteries of St. Antimo and Monte Oliveto Maggiore; medieval cities such as Cetona and Citta della Pieve; Pienza, "Pearl of the Renaissance. Sienna, with its famous "Palio," and Arezzo with the magnificent frescoes by Piero della Francesca, are easily accessible, as are Perugia, Assisi and Orvieto.
     Those who enjoy Italian culture can take a train from Chiusi/Chianciano Terme (the station is at Chiusi but serves both towns) and, after only about an hour, find themselves in the heart of Rome, Florence, Sienna or Perugia. For hikers, long and beautiful walks in the Val d'Orcia or on the slopes of Monte Amiata, while in Chianciano (5 km) there are both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and the opportunity for horse-riding. 
    For colder days, we recommend a visit to one of the hot baths in the neighbourhood. For music-lovers, theatre buffs, those who enjoy street festivals, in summer there is an "embarrassment of riches":food festivals everywhere, concerts and recitals, the piazza transformed into a theatre, while exhibitions and historical processions frequently recreate the Middle Ages. Nor should we forget that Tuscany is also a destination for those who love good food and drink. From the housewife's kitchen to the most gourmet restaurant, there is something to suit all palates. And of course there are the great wines, the Nobile and the Brunello.

    Cultural Courses:

    All our language courses are accompanied by a parallel programme which gives participants the opportunity to explore a little of the region, past and present.
    The excursions are optional and are not included in the fees for the courses. Some examples are:
     - A guided tour of Montepulciano
    - A cooking (and eating!) evening
    - Wine-tasting, including a snack
    - An excursion to Cortona and Lake Trasimeno, with a supper of fresh, local fish
    - A visit to the prehistoric caves at Cetona
    - A visit to Montepulciano market
    - A local walk in the country
    - Italian films
    - A visit to Montalcino
    - A visit to craftsmans' workshops in Montepulciano
    - Talks on various subjects, e.g. "The History of Art in the Region."
    - An excursion to Rome (on Saturday )

  • You can choose from various options:

    Basic apartment: weoffer small apartments (bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) for one or two persons,with one double room or two single rooms, depending on your needs. Apartmentsare fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortablestay (linen and towels included). All apartments are a (maximum) ten-minutewalk from the school, and are close to shops, banks, the post office and thesupermarket.

    Luxury apartment: thebasic apartments are comfortable and equipped with all the necessities.However, if you'd like something truly special that will make your stayunforgettable, we have a number of luxury apartments to offer you. You willhave all the appliances, television, wifi, a panoramic view, a large garden and/ or terrace - right in the historic centre of Montepulciano.

    Single or double room in ashared flat with other students: if you would like to share your language schoolexperience and have the opportunity of making new friends, you can choose tostay in an apartment with other students. Kitchen and bathroom will be shared,but approached in a spirit of adaptability, this option will give you thechance to meet people of other nationalities and begin experimenting with yourItalian.

    Homestay: ifyou'd like to integrate your language studies with a wider social experience,taking a room in a family home is the solution for you. Our host families arefew and are carefully selected. They're people who will quite happily exchangea few words with their guests (but don't expect them to be Italian teachers!).You can choose a room with either breakfast or half board. If you decide to eatwith the family, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy some authentic, Tuscancuisine.


    The following prices are per day. They includebed linen, towels for bathroom and kitchen, electricity and water costs.Heating costs (about Euro 8 per day per person) are not included. Accommodationmust be paid during your stay in Montepulciano. Please notice that, inaccordance with City Council resolution number 91 of November 30, 2011 theMunicipality of Montepulciano has introduced a Tourist Tax, to take effect fromFebruary 1, 2012. The tax is payable by non-residents for overnightaccommodation in the Municipality of Montepulciano. The amount for youraccommodation is Euro 1 per person per night.

    Basic apartment for 1 person: Euro 45

    Basic apartment for 2 people (with 1 double room): Euro 60

    Basic apartment for 2 people (with 2 single rooms): Euro 68

    Basic apartment for more than 2 people: prices on request

    Luxury apartment: prices on request

    Single room in a shared flat with other students: Euro 34

    Homestay with breakfast: Euro 30

    Homestay with half-board (breakfast and dinner): Euro 40

    Single room in a hotel with breakfast: Euro 70

    Double room in a hotel with breakfast: Euro 90

    Longer stays
    For longer stays (4 weeks and more) the costsare reduced as follows.

    Homestaywith breakfast

    4 weeks (27 days): Euro 700

    8 weeks (54 days): Euro 1400

    12 weeks (81 days): Euro 1950

    Homestay with half-board (breakfast anddinner)

    4 weeks (27 days): Euro 890

    8 weeks (54 days): Euro 1780

    12 weeks (81 days): Euro 2500

    Basic apartment for 1 person

    4 weeks (27 days): Euro 1000

    8 weeks (54 days): Euro 1620

    12 weeks (81 days): Euro 2260

    Basic apartment for 2 people (with 1 doubleroom)

    4 weeks (27 days): Euro 1340

    8 weeks (54 days): Euro 2340

    12 weeks (81 days): Euro 3340

  • No informations available.
  • No informations available.

    Students who already speak some Italian maystart classes every Monday, whereas newcomers to the language must start at thefollowing starting dates:

    3 February

    17 February

    3 March

    17 March

    31 March

    14 April

    28 April

    12 May

    26 May

    9 June

    23 June

    7 July

    21 July

    4 August

    18 August

    1 September

    15 September

    29 September

    13 October

    27 October

    10 November

    24 November

    9 December

    There will be no lessons on the following Italianpublic holidays: 6th January, Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June,15th August, 1st November and 8th December. The price of these courses will bereduced.


    11 March - 13 March

    Wine course

    25 March - 26 March

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    1 April - 2 April

    Iris Origo's garden

    8 April - 10 April

    Wine course

    15 April - 17 April

    Learning about art

    22 April - 24 April

    Popular traditions

    29 April - 30 April

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    6 May - 8 May

    Wine course

    13 May - 14 May

    Iris Origo's garden

    20 May - 21 May

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    27 May - 29 May

    Learning about art

    3 June - 4 June

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    10 June - 11 June

    Iris Origo's garden

    17 June - 19 June

    Wine course

    24 June - 26 June

    Popular traditions

    1 July - 3 July

    Learning about art

    8 July - 9 July

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    15 July - 16 July

    Iris Origo's garden

    22 July - 24 July

    Wine course

    29 July - 31 July

    Popular traditions

    5 August - 6 August

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    12 August - 13 August

    Iris Origo's garden

    19 August - 21 August

    Wine course

    26 August - 27 August

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    2 September - 4 September

    Learning about art

    9 September - 11 September

    Wine course

    16 September - 18 September

    Popular traditions

    23 September - 24 September

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    30 September - 1 October

    Iris Origo's garden

    7 October - 9 October

    Learning about art

    14 October - 16 October

    Wine course

    21 October - 22 October

    A taste of Tuscan cooking

    28 October - 30 October

    Popular traditions

    The mini-courses start everyTuesday and last for a total of six hours over two or three days. They requirea minimum of three participants. The mini-courses take placeon fixed dates and are available only for groups on days otherthan those indicated. In order to participate in our mini-courses, we highlyrecommend at least a basic knowledge of the Italian language.


    Standard courses

    1-week course: Euro 270

    2-week course: Euro 450

    3-week course: Euro 585

    4-week course (1 month): Euro 710

    6-week course: Euro 1060

    8-week course (2 months): Euro 1410

    12-week course (3 months): Euro 2075

    Courses standard +

    1-week course + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 450

    2-week course + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 755

    3-week course + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 990

    4-week course (1 month) + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 1215

    6-week course + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 1685

    8-week course (2 months) + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 2240

    12-week course (3 months) + 1 hour of private lessons per day: Euro 3290


    1-week course + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 560

    2-week course + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 1025

    3-week course + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 1450

    4-week course (1 month) + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 1820

    6-week course + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 2730

    8-week course (2 months) + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 3635

    12-week course (3 months) + 2 hours of private lessons per day: Euro 5400


    1-hour lesson (55 minutes): Euro 40

    Package of 6 hours of private lessons: Euro 230

    Package of 10 hours of private lessons: Euro 370

    Lessons for two, 1-hour lesson (55 minutes): Euro 65

    Package of 10 hours of lessons for two: Euro 600

    Italian for special purposes / Preparationfor certificates

    1-hour lesson (55 minutes): Euro 40


    10% for students and for over 70 years old people


    Wine courseItalian Literature (A brief history of twentieth century Italian literature, Contemporary prose, Iris Origo: a cosmopolitan intellectual in the heart of Tuscany),Italian history (The Italian Facism, Italy today), Italian art history (Art in the Renaissance, Art walks):
    1 participant (private lessons)
    1 week: Euro 400 - 2 weeks: Euro 650
    2-3 participants
    1 week: Euro 250 - 2 weeks: Euro 480
    more than 3 participants
    1 week: Euro 210 - 2 weeks: Euro 400


    Learning about art: Euro 75
    Wine course: Euro 75
    A taste of Tuscan cooking: Euro 90 
    Iris Origo's garden: Euro 70
    Popular traditions: Euro 65

  • Every year the Italianlanguage school Il Sasso grants a number of scholarshipsto the worldwide Italian Institute of Culture and to someinternationalUniversities to give students of our language an experience of Italy.

    Interested students should contact theirrespective Italian Institutes or Universities to apply for the grant. Ouroffice at Il Sasso is always available to answer questions and to meetparticular requests, especially with regard to travel arrangements andpractical help.

    The dates of courses for which students may takeadvantage of the scholarships are agreed with our office according to theavailability of places. Enrolments will be confirmed by our school onnotification from the Institute or University where the application was made.

    The Italian Institutes which do not yet takeadvantage of scholarships, Universities and other Institutions that would liketo cooperate with us are kindly requested to contact our office at We welcome your requests and suggestions.

    An up-to-date list of all the Italian CulturalInstitutes abroad is available on the website:

    We would also like to remind you that we offera 10 % discount for:

            all school and universitystudents who provide proof of their membership of the school or university;

            all participants over 70years of age.


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