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Scuola Dante Alighieri

Piazza G. Garibaldi, 7
  • Our school, is located in the old town center of the Medievalcity, seat of a University, of Camerino. We have a long-time experience inteaching Italian language and culture to foreigners. We cooperate with experts,improving our success all over the world.

    We can guarantee the high quality of our coursesthanks to the skills and preparation of our instructors and staff. Furthermore,our facilities and lodging allow our guests to experience an unforgettable timein an international environment while living in an Italian context.
    The average class counts 14-16 students of all ages. Our school offers bothCELI (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language issued by the University forForeigners of Perugia) and DILS (Didactics of Italian Foreign Language) of the Universitper Stranieri di Perugia certification exams.

    Our school is the only one in Italy where you not only get a wonderfuland inexpensive holiday learning Italian, but you are also able to participatewith your teachers as guides in a wide range of activities:

    Visit beautiful Italiancities (Rome, Florence, Bologna, Assisi, Siena, Venice etc.).

    Discover some of the wondersof the Marche (its castles, ancient villages, beautiful countryside).

    Visit some of Italystraditional events and celebrations, gastronomic fairs and folk festivals.

    Spend days in the mountainsand by the sea.

    Make new Italian friends.

    Meet students from aroundthe world during the evening entertainments at the school (welcome cocktail,international dinner, Italian music evening, farewell - end of course dinner).


    Starting dates: every week for non-beginners.
    Duration: min. 2 weeks. It's possible to have a 
    "one week only" intensiveItalian language course.
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    on all 6 (monthly)ability levels
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class
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    Course schedule: 
    please click here

    The Intensive Course is held throughout the year on 6 (monthly) levels of ability.Duration: min. 2 weeks. The 4 lessons are held daily from Monday to Friday,usually beginning at 9am. If there are many participants the Intensive Coursemay also be held in the afternoon at 2pm. There is a maximum of 12students ineach class.
    It's possible to have a 
    "one week only" intensivecourse.


    Starting dates: every week for non-beginners
    Duration: from 2 to 24 weeks. It's possible to have a 
    "one week only" superintensive Italian language course.
    Lessons: 6 per day, 30 per week
    beginner, intermediate, advancedlevel
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class
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    Course schedule: 
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    The Super Intensive Course consists of 4 lessons Intensive Course per day in themorning and 2 extra lessons of group language course in the afternoon. In theafternoon session students will have the opportunity to increase their knowledgewith practice in speaking and conversing. 
    This course is held in our schools in Florence, Rome, and Milan.
    It's possible to have a 
    "one week only" superintensive Italian language course.

    COURSE "PLUS" 5 & 10

    Starting dates: every week forn on-beginners
    Duration: from 2 to 24 weeks. It's possible to have a 
    "one week only" superintensive plus Italian language course.
    Lessons: 4 lessons of group language course plus 1 or 2 lessons of privatetuition per day, 25 or 30 per week
    on all 6 (monthly)ability levels
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in the group language course;1participant in the private lessons
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    Prices Plus-5: 
    please click here
    Prices Plus-10: 
    please click here
    Course schedule: 
    please click here

    The Super Intensive Plus Course consists of the Intensive Course Plusadditional private lessons (one-to-one). The individual lessons arespecifically designed for your specific needs. We offer two kinds of SuperIntensive Plus Courses:

            Super IntensivePlus-5 Course: 20 lessons of IntensiveCourse and additional 5 private lessons per week;

            Super IntensivePlus-10 Course: 20 lessons of IntensiveCourse and additional 10 private lessons per week.

    It's possible to have a "one week only" superintensive plus Italian language course.


    Starting dates: every week  for non-beginners.
    Duration: 1 week.
    on all 6 (monthly)ability levels
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class
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    Course schedule: 
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    You will have the opportunity to take a one week only Italian language course,choosing between:

            "One weekonly" Italian language intensive course: 4 lessons per day, 20 perweek(see price list);

            "One weekonly" Italian language super intensive course: 6 lessons per day, 30per week (see price list);

            "One weekonly" Italian language super intensive plus 5 or 10 course: 4 lessonsof group language course plus 1 or 2 lessons of private tuition per day, 25 or30 per week (see plus 5 price list or plus 10 price list).


    Starting dates: every week for non-beginners
    Duration: from 2 to 12 weeks
    Lessons: 6 per day, 30 per week
    on all 6 (monthly)ability levels
    Class size: small groups of 2 to 5 participants
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    For students who want to learn quickly and intensively in a small group, or wishto increase their knowledge, the Small Group Super Intensive Course is tailor-madefor their needs. Together with no more than 5 participants they will have 6hours of daily intensive language course. The Super Intensive SmallGroup Course is held only in Florence and Rome.


    A program combining travel with a love for learning

    Starting dates: every week for non-beginners
    Duration: from 2 to 4 weeks
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    on all 6 (monthly)ability levels
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class
    Dates for absolute beginners: 
    please click here
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    Discover your Italy and select your destinations from four of Italy's most memorablecities: Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena.
    The program consists of 20 group language lessons in each of the cities for 2,3or 4 weeks. The schools all offer the same course structure but in varying architecturaland historic settings.

    You will learn about the Italian language and culturewithout the usual hassles of travel: the school will provide transportationassistance and take care of the appropriate class level, accommodation andextra activities.

    Through your study of Italian language, culture and artand your immersion in contrasting landscapes, regional traditions and cuisine,you will find Italian Tour a profound and satisfying travel experience.

    Download the Italian Tour transportinformation in PDF format.

    (Milan & Rome)

    Starting dates: please click here 
    Duration: minimum 8 weeks - prolongable
    Lessons: 2 lessons per evening, 4 per week
    beginner - intermediate-advanced 
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class
    Course schedule: held on Tuesday and Thursday evening
    Dates and prices

    If you want to learn or improve your Italian, but you dont have time for a dailycourse, we offer you the possibility to attend Part-Time courses for twotimes a week.

    This evening course is especially recommended for those who already live, studyor work in Milan and Rome. The courses are held throughout the year on three abilitylevels. The minimum duration of each course is 8 weeks.

    For more information contact: our school inMilan or our school in Rome



    Starting dates: please click here 
    Duration: minimum 4 weeks - prolongable
    Lessons: 2 per day, 10 per week
    beginner, intermediate and advancedlevel
    Class size: minimum 4 participants
    Course schedule: daily lessons from Monday to Friday, from 8,00 p.m. 
    Dates and prices 

    Especially for those who work during the day, we offer the possibility to attendour Italian language course which is held in the evening. The minimum durationis 4 weeks. The course is held from Monday to Friday throughout the year forbeginners, intermediate and advanced students.



    Starting dates: every week for non-beginners
    Duration: 2 or 4 weeks
    Lessons: 50 in two weeks
    from the 3rd ability level on
    Class size: maximum 12 participants in each class 
    please click here
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    For students who want to learn Italian and at the same time become acquainted withthe culture and history and the current social and political situation of theirhost country, we suggest to choose the "Italy Today" Course. In additionto the 4 lessons Intensive Course in the morning, in the afternoon they will beintroduced to art and culture, history and folklore, press and films as well asthe current political and economic situation of Italy.

    The cultural part of this course consists of 10 supplementary lessons in two weeks.


    LA DOLCE VITA - 50+course
    Italian language and culture course 
    for mature students of any age

    Starting dates: please click here 
    Duration: 1 or 2 weeks
    Lessons: 20 or 40 plus visits and excursions
    on all 6 ability level
    please click here

    This course is specifically designed for mature students of any age. You willlearn Italian in a pleasant and relaxing environment, accompanied by a widevariety of cultural activities.

    You can choose among the most beautiful Italiancities:Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena

    See "LaDolce Vita" programs.

    Siena with Gusto!

    Starting dates: special course dates
    Duration: 1 week
    Italian Lessons: 20 + visits, cooking classes and wine tastinginthe afternoons
    elementary A2 and above
    please click here

    Siena is celebrated not only for its art andhistory,but for its traditional hearty cuisine and the excellence of its localproducts.

    "Siena with Gusto!" is acourse designed for both, students andprofessionals, who would like to extendtheir study of Italian to include thetastes of local traditional food.Instruction and tastings are led by nativespeakers and experts whose passion,knowledge and dedication will shape eachlesson.

    The "Siena with Gusto!" courseconsistsof four language lessons every morning for one week. Afternoons aredevoted tothe appreciation and sampling of Sienese cuisine.

    Gastronomyprogram inthe afternoon

            An introductorytour with your course leader, followed by a delicious aperitif in the Piazzadel Campo, the pulsing heart of Siena.


            Two hands-oncooking classes led by the chef of a traditional Sienese restaurant. Afterpreparing your dishes, you will enjoy your meal, accompanied by Tuscanysfabled local wines.


            A wine-tasting ofthe world famous Brunello led by an expert sommelier. As you sample, you willlearn the characteristics of Tuscan wines and come to appreciate thecomplexities of wine production.


    Starting dates: everyweek for non-beginners
    Duration: minimum 5 weeks
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    all 6 ability levels
    please click here
    please click here

    This is our new Intensive Course with a 5-weeks minimumdurationto deepen students basic knowledge of the Italian language... at avery specialprice!


    Starting dates: everyweek for non-beginners
    Duration: minimum 12 weeks
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    all 6 ability levels
    Extras: special long-term discount; study in different cities 
    please click here
    please click here

    Students wishing to study Italian for longer periods are especially welcomeatour schools and receive special care and attention from our staff, as wellasbenefiting from our long-term discounted prices. With this course,studentsprofit from all the advantages of learning a language in the countrywhere itis spoken. Through our experience in teaching the Italian language, weknowthat the ideal minimum stay for a course is 12 weeks. Not only you willhavemore confidence in your language skills, but instead of feeling like youare onholiday, you will be completely immersed in the Italian culture and wayoflife. Many of our long-term students are preparing to enter universityorrounding off their Italian Long-Term Intensive Course with therecognised 
    AIL "Firenze"examination.



    Starting dates: every week fornon-beginners
    Duration: minimum 24 weeks
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    all 6 ability levels
    Extras: special long-term discount; study in different cities 
    please click here
    please click here

    Would you like to enjoy 6 months in Italy and travel to different cities,too?We have the right program for you! The Long-Term Semester Course is anextendedversion of the Long-Term Intensive Course. The general structure issimilar,but the objectives are targeted on a long-term basis. If you would liketo livein Italy for several months, the Leonardo da Vinci schools offer youthepossibility of an attractive package. You may start learning ItalianinFlorence, and after a few months you can move to Rome, Siena or Milan.Thecurricula in the semester course are the same; thus you can change thecourselocation any time you want and you will make the most of your stay inItaly.

    An excellent opportunity to attain a more in-depthandcontinuous study of the Italian language. You can combine learning thelanguageand enjoying your free time. This course is also an excellentpreparation forMaster Courses in Art, Italian Design, Italian Fashion orRestoration.

    Last abut not least, the Long-Term Semester Coursehasa particularly attractive price!


    Starting dates for beginners:
    From 07 January 2014 to 14 August 2014;
    From 05 May 2014 to 12 December 2014;
    From 15 September 2014 to 08 May 2015. 
    Duration: 32 weeks
    Lessons: 650 lessons of language, culture and exam
    beginner and elementarylevels
    Class size: min. 5 - max. 12 participants in each class
    Extras: Special accommodation prices
    please click here

    The academic year is a 32 week language and culture course for studentswhowish to experience living and studying in Italy. The course combines notonlylanguage courses with Italian culture classes at the Scuola Leonardo daVincibut the syllabus also incorporates the fundamental elements of level C2 oftheEuropean Language Portfolio. All in all, the course offers studentstheopportunity to see at first hand the various aspects of Italys richhistoryand culture. The course is composed of a linguistic element and anacademicelement:

    1) Linguistic element:

            480 lessons of theintensive language course

            80 lessons ofpreparation for the two Diploma Firenze AIL exams DILI (intermediate level)and DALI (advanced level)

    2) Academic element(80 lessons):

            ItalianCivilization and History



            Historyof Design and Architecture

            Introductionto Italian Gastronomy

    3)Privatetutoring (10 lessons):

            toprepare your essay

    For moreinformations about this course: click here 

    For students, starting the Academic Year in September the duration of thewholestay is 34 weeks, including two weeks of Christmas Holidays where nocoursesare held.

    This course is also an excellent preparation for Master Courses in Art,ItalianDesign, Italian Fashion or Restoration.


    Starting dates: every week fornon-beginners 
    Duration: minimum 48 weeks
    Lessons: 4 per day, 20 per week
    beginner and elementarylevel
    Extras: special long-term discount; study in different cities 
    please click here
    please click here

    This program has a length of 48 weeks, especially appropriate for studentswhowant to spend a very long period in Italy and take a break from theireverydaylife. During these weeks you learn the Italian language from the basisto thehigh proficient level. Since programs are the same in each Leonardo daVincibranch, you have the possibility to live in different cities during yourstayand so to enter in the Italian Culture and way of living.


    Officiallyauthorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

    Via Bufalini 3 IT - 50122, Florence, Italy


    Officiallyauthorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

    Via Darwin 20 IT - 20143, Milan, Italy


    Officiallyauthorized by the Italian Ministry of Education

    Piazza dell'Orologio 7 IT - 00186, Roma, Italy

  • The Dante Alighieri school is the only in italy to offer you 9 specialexcursions guided by your teachers to some of italys most beautiful cities,rich with history, art, and tradition. All trips (by comfortable touristcoaches) are guided in Italian by your teachers.
    These visits aswell as cultural lessons in class will give you a real insight into thewonderful history, art, and culture of each city.

    Every monthyou can take part for free in one of these special Italian events; they, too,are guided by your teachers and the cost is included in the course fee!

    • January: Festival of "Torrone" Camerino
    • February: Theatre at Camerino
    • March: Venice Carnival
    • April: San Marino Corteo (historical procession)
    • May: Camerino Medieval Festival
    • June: "Notti Bianche" in cooperation with University in Camerino
    • July: Opera at Macerata
    • August: Palio di Siena
    • September: Venice Regatta
    • October: The wine harvest and festival
    • November: Theatre at Jesi
  • One of the free services offered by our schools is findingsuitable accommodation for our students. Accommodation is regularly checked byour schools. You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

    • Single or double room in a family with breakfast;
    • Single or double room in a family with half board (breakfast and dinner);
    • Single or double room in shared apartments, bathroom and kitchen shared with other students or with the landlord/landlady;
    • Hotels of all categories;
    • Private apartments (independent flats);
    • Residences.


    Room-sharingwith another student

    We recommend to book a place in a double room onlyfor young people (max. 30 years). According to our experience, mature peoplenormally do not feel at ease in a double room as they may have to share it withvery young people who have different habits and attitudes.

    We offer you the possibility to come together withyour friend and take a double room, provided by our school, even if theaccompanying person does not take a language course.



    Housing reservations run from the Sunday afternoon(after 2:00 pm) before the beginning of the course to the Saturday morning(10:00 am) at the end of the course. If you need to arrive a day earlier or tostay a day longer, please contact the school for help with extra accommodationarrangements. Different arrival or departure days must be confirmed in writing.However, it is not possible to arrive earlier than the Saturday before thestart of the course and to remain later than the Sunday after the end of thecourse.


    Arrival date and time / Emergency

    We need to be informed at least 4 days in advance ofyour's arrival day and time. Therefore, upon receiving the accommodationaddress, you have to contact the landlord (by telephone) or the school (bytelephone, fax or e-mail) to communicate the date and time of arrival in orderto make the waiting time for both parts as short as possible. If there is nocommunication, you will be expected to arrive in the evening, after 6:00 pm.


    Booking and Payment

    To make reservations for accommodation, we need yourcredit card number as guarantee deposit. Accommodation fees must be paidimmediately upon arrival in Italy. Payments should be made in cash and in full(not by instalments) for each month or for shorter terms.


    Location / Key

    Our accommodations are located in the city centers aswell as in the suburbs. In any case you can easily reach the school and thecenter of the cities by public transport. To get from the suburbs to the centertakes 15 - 25 minutes by public transport (Milan and Rome up to 50 minutes). Ifyou have been placed in the town center it takes about 15 minutes on foot toreach the school. You are given your own key and are independent.


    Deposit for shared apartments

    You must pay a deposit of 100 Euro to get the keys foryour accommodation in shared apartments. This deposit must be paid in cash onarrival and will be refunded on departure, less repairs and cleaning costs ifneeded.


    Bed-linens / towels / laundry

    Host-family: Bed-linens are provided and changed every two weeks.

    Shared Apartments: Bed-linens are provided and changed every two weeksor, in alternative, upon arrival each student will be given a set of bed-linensand two sets if they stay longer. In this case students are required to washbed-linens themselves.

    About washing and washingmachine: inhost-family the use of the washingmachine is not forseen, also if it's possibleto have a different agreement with the owners. In shared apartments you canwash by hands, or use one of the many wash & dry that are near theapartments.


    Photocopy of passport

    Following the events of September 11, 2001, Italianauthorities have intensified checks on foreigners. The result is an unfortunateincrease in paperwork. All landlords in Italy must declare the presence oftenants and thus need a photocopy of passports of all new tenants. We suggestto bring with you a photocopy of your passport.


    Car Parking

    Garages and paid parking spaces are easy to find inthe city centers as well as in the suburbs. There are cheaper weekly andmonthly season tickets available. You can also ask your landlords for theclosest garage or parking area to the accommodation. Should you park the car onthe street, you should consult the street signs or ask the landlord on whichnight the weekly street cleaning ("pulizia della strada") takes placein the area. On that night the car must be parked elsewhere. All cars parked ina prohibited area will be removed.




    In selecting host families, we do not look for luxuryand comfort in the material sense but for Italian families who appreciatereceiving foreign students. Additionally, the word "family" shouldnot be taken too literally, as a family can be "traditional" withchildren, a single parent or a childless couple who take in students becausethey enjoy the company.


    You can choose between breakfast and half board(breakfast and dinner). You have your meals together with the family but youshould be aware that Italian eating habits can be rather different from yourown. Breakfast usually only consists of coffee or tea and bread, butter,marmalade. Dinner is a complete meal served normally at around 8:00 pm.

    House rules in host families

    Living with a family offers a unique opportunity tobecome acquainted with the Italian culture and way of living, but it alsorequires compromises between the host and you. Therefore there are some houserules which you must take into consideration:

    • Leaving their room presentable;
    • Not waking up the family after midnight when returning home;
    • Not using any family belongings without permission;
    • Not preparing meals by yourself;
    • Not doing the laundry by yourself (The use of the washing-machine is not included, but arrangements may be made between the landlord and you);
    • The use of the ironing board is permitted with no extra charge;
    • You are allowed to use the common rooms and to receive telephone calls;
    • The room (if not closed by key) is cleaned daily.



    Living in a apartment, together with other foreign orItalian students or with the landlord/landlady, requires maturity but allows youconsiderable independence. You share with the roommate(s) the bathroom and thekitchen and can cook on your own.


    • You share a flat or floor of a house either with other students from Scuola Leonardo da Vinci, with other Italian students or with the owner. Students share the kitchen and the bathroom.
    • The apartments are furnished and the kitchens are supplied with all essential kitchen equipment (cutlery, plates, pans etc.).
    • You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students.
    • Electricity, gas water, local costs and taxes are included in the price.
    • Bed-linens are provided free of charge and changed every 2 weeks.
    • You have to bring your own towels.
    • We suggest that you organise some food for the first evening.
    • The apartment are not provided with telephones.
    • The apartments are cleaned before your arrival. During your stay, you are responsible for the cleaning of your rooms and of the rooms used in common (kitchen and bathroom).

    House-rules for shared apartments

    Your are expected to respect the followinghouse-rules:

    • To leave the common rooms clean and presentable;
    • To wash the dishes after use;
    • To throw the garbage in the street containers every day;
    • Not to wake your flatmates after midnight when returning home;
    • Not to organise "parties" (Parties, especially with people not living in the apartment, are strongly forbidden for insurance and safety reasons, as well as for the tranquillity of the students not taking part and the neighbours.);
    • Not to use a vacant bed or room in the apartment;
    • Not to invite any "just-made" friends to stay in the apartment;
    • To report any damage or technical fault immediately to the school secretary;
    • To leave the apartment clean on departure.



    Private apartments are more comfortable than sharedapartments and therefore more expensive. They are available for one or morepersons. Prices are available on request. Please note that the privateapartments must be reserved well in advance and the prices vary depending onthe city and season. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci only makes the reservations.Payment has to be made directly to the apartment owner, i.e. we need your 'scredit card number to make reservations.



    We work with Hotels situated close to the schools(basic offer always: bed & breakfast, rooms with shower or bathroom).Prices are available on request and according to the categories of hotels:

    • Lux. cat. (Five-Star-Hotel): all comfort;
    • 1st cat. (Four-Star-Hotel): restaurant; bar; rooms with air condition, TV, bath/WC;
    • 2nd cat. (Three-Star-Hotel): rooms with air condition, TV, bath/WC;
    • 3rd cat. (Two-Star-Hotel): rooms with bath/WC;
    • 4th cat. (One-Star-Hotel): rooms with wash basin; bath/WC on the floor.

    Generally, we make hotel reservations from the Sundaybefore the beginning of the course to the Saturday after the end of the course.Different arrival or departure days on request. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci onlymakes the reservations. Payment has to be made directly to the hotelreceptionist, i.e. we need your 's credit card number to make reservations.



    One, two and three-roomed apartments with either two,three or four beds in each; a lounge, a fitted kitchen area, bathroom withshower, direct dial telephone, air conditioning, television and daily cleaningservices. On request, there are normally the following supplementary services:parking, breakfast, secretarial services and a safe for valuables. ScuolaLeonardo da Vinci only makes the reservations. Payment has to be made directlyto the Residence receptionist, i.e. we need your's credit card number to makereservations.


    (min.-max. prices in Euro per person)


    per day

    2 weeks
    (13 nights)

    additional week
    (7 nights)







    Apartment standard,
    shared kitchen and bathroom

    double room







    single room







    Family, breakfast

    double room







    single room







    Family, half board (breakfast+dinner)

    double room







    single room







    Hotel of all categories, Private apartments, Studios and Residences

    Prices on request

    Nota Bene:

    • You may book a single room or a place in a double room.
    • Accommodations are provided only in combination with the booking of a language course (exception: Drawing, Painting and Music Courses). No accommodation will be provided for the booking of Part Times Courses.
    • Housing available from Sunday after 2 pm before the start of the course to Saturday (10 am) at the end of the course. Different arrival or departure days only by special arrangements.
    • Bed-linens are provided and changed every two weeks. Towels are not provided, please bring your own towels.
    • Host family accommodation: Half-board includes breakfast and dinner. Remember that you cannot cook on your own.
    • For all accommodations: We need your credit card number as guarantee deposit to make reservations. Please note, that we may request a deposit of 100 Euro for Shared Apartment accommodation to get the keys. This deposit must be paid in cash at arrival and will be refunded on your departure, less raparation costs if needed.
    • Payment of family and shared-apartment accommodation must be made immediately upon arrival in Italy.
    • Hotels of all categories, Private apartments, Studios and Residences: Reservations should be made well in advance.
    • Special prices for Italian Tour course: click here.


    ACCOMMODATION COSTS for one week only courses

    NB: Accommodation costs for 2 and more weeks: please see above

    *) Double rooms can be booked only by two participants of a language course travelling together or by a participant accompanied by a friend

    Type of Accommodation


    1 week (6 nights) Euro per person

    Apartment standard (shared kitchen and bathroom)

    place in double room)*


    single room


    Family, breakfast

    place in double room)*


    single room


    Family, half board (breakfast & dinner)

    place in double room)*


    single room


  • CERTIFICATE: at the end of the course an examinationtakes place and a Certificate of Attendance is issued with the assessment ofthe degree of proficiency attained. The school has agreements with severalforeign universities regarding recognition ofcredits obtained by the students.

    CELIand DILS-PGCERTIFICATIONS:CELI isa qualification of the Italian language and internationally recognized by theALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe); DILS-PG is afirst level certification in DILS (Didactics of Italian Foreign Language).For further information, please check therelevant page in this website.




    4 Weeks

    1.088 Euro

    3 Weeks

    988 Euro

    2 Weeks

    688 Euro

    Course only

    400 Euro




    Intensive course, lodging , guided cultural visits, trips, non-educational activities, enrolment, certificate of attendance.


    Look at the Program of the Study-Holiday



    Calendar ofCourses 2014

    Lessons take place between Monday and Friday.Students should arrive onthe Sunday before
    the start of their course, and leave on the Saturday following the end ofthecourse.

    4 Weeks

    2 Weeks

    2 Weeks


    * 06/01 - 31/01

    * 06/01 - 17/01

    20/01 - 31/01


    * 03/02 - 28/02

    * 03/02 - 14/02

    17/02 - 28/02


    * 03/03 - 28/03

    * 03/03 - 14/03

    17/03 - 28/03


    * 31/03 - 25/04

    * 31/03 - 11/04

    14/04 - 25/04


    * 05/05 - 30/05

    * 05/05 - 16/05

    19/05 - 30/05


    * 02/06 - 27/06

    * 02/06 - 13/06

    16/06 - 27/06


    * 30/06 - 25/07

    * - - -

    - - -


    * 28/07 - 22/08

    * 28/07 - 08/08

    11/08 - 22/08


    * 01/09 - 26/09

    * 01/09 - 12/09

    15/09 - 26/09


    * 29/09 - 24/10

    * 29/09 - 10/10

    13/10 - 24/10


    * 03/11 - 28/11

    * 03/11 - 14/11

    17/11 - 28/11


    *Courses for beginners start on these dates only
    National holidays: 06/01, 21/04, 25/04, 01/05, 02/06, 15/08
    The lessons and activities lost during national holidays will not be recuperated.


    Prices include

             INTENSIVE ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE: 80 hours - 4 weeks from Monday to Friday in classes of 14-16 students.

             Italian culture lessons: 20 hours - art history, literature, music, history, gastronomy and educational programs during the excursions.

             8 cultural tours guided by the school teachers (5 guided tours to the Marche region and three weekends to the main artistic centres: Rome, Florence, Bologna, Rimini, Gubbio, Assisi, Venice, San Marino, Siena etc.)

             Accommodation in double rooms in Bongiovanni Residence Hall or in private apartments. The Residence Hall is situated in the historic centre of Camerino, within walking distance to our school. The apartments are fully furnished and available for 5-6 people. They all include kitchen, TV, shared bathroom and laundry facilities.

             Further complementary activities include a welcome party, movie forum, two evenings of Italian music and songs, an international dinner as well as tasting typical products.

             Sports facilities: volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, jogging and billiards.

             Enrolment fee and final certificate.

             FREE TRANSFERS upon arrival from the Camerino bus/railway station.

             Internet Access at school (computers are available at the school or bring your own PC and connect to ADSL Fast or Wi-fi).



    Prices do not include

             Meals (in pizzerias or restaurants; alternatively, cooking facilities are available in the apartments).

             Books (you can buy or rent them).

             In your apartment, upon request you can have the internet connection with a pen drive.

             Admissions to museums, concerts, the Frasassi Caves, ice rinks, discos, tennis courts, restaurants, theaters, shows and dinners.

             Ones own part of the heating costs (shared with the other students) during the cold months.

             Using washing machines and tumble dryers at the Residence.

             Entrance fees and trasportation during urban excursions (underground, ferryboats, ecc...).

             Transfers from the Ancona International Airport ( on arrivals (60 min.) (Arrivals only on Sunday). Transfers are available at 30 per person. Bookings can be made a minimum of 30 days in advance.

             Bus transfers on arrivals from Rome-Fiumicino International Airport ( and Rome Termini Central Station (on Sunday arrivals only). Direct flights from all over the world. Transfers are available at 38 per person. Bookings can be made a minimum of 30 days in advance

  • The Dante AlighieriSchool awards a limited number of SCHOLARSHIPS each year to deserving students.
    To apply, please contact our office and submit your CV.


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