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Last Updated 2/7/2014

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Ciao Italia

Via delle Frasche, 5
184 Roma,  
  • CIAO ITALIA isa centre that specialises in teaching Italian to foreigners which was foundedin 1996 by graduate teachers specialized in teaching Italian and who have beenworking in this field for more than 15 years.

    The school is a small-sizedschool, ideal to ensure a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We take care ofour students with particular attention and understanding in all their needs,with the aim of ensuring them a pleasant and profitable stay. The high level ofour Italian courses is combined with an excellent quality-price ratio.

    Via delle Frasche, 5-00184 Roma
    Iscriz. C.C.I.A.A. n. 63284/96
    P.I. 05043351005

    The schoolis located in the historical centre of Rome, in the characteristic MontiDistrict by the prestigious Via Nazionale and at a few minutes walk to theColosseum, the Forum, the Trevi Fountain, the Quirinale and Piazza Venezia,which is the very centre of the city.

    Theschool can be easily reached from any areas of the city and also from outsideRome. The school is easy to be reached with a pleasant few minutes walk fromthe Spanish steps, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Via Veneto and alsoTrastevere.
    We are located close to the Cavour (B line) and Repubblica (A line) underground stations.

    Thefollowing buses travel along Via Nazionale: 40, 64, 60, 170, 70, 117, H
    In Via Milano: buses 71, 117
    In Via Cavour: buses 75, 84
    The central Termini Railway Station and Piazza deiCinquecento with dozens of buses are with in walking distance.

    CiaoItalia is located in the Monti district, one of the oldest neighbourhoods ofthe city, located between the Viminale and the Esquilino, two of the sevenhills on which Rome was built. Commonly known as Suburra two thousand yearsago, it was one of the most lively and popular districts of the city. JuliusCeasar used to live in this area before moving to a palace located in thecentre. Since then, many centuries have gone by and many changes have takenplace in this area as in the rest of the city. Nowadays the districts maintainsthe aspect acquired between the 17° and 19° century, consisting of narrowstreets, three or four floor buildings, a small square with no access to carsand a beautiful central fountain. Above all, Monti district maintains the samecharm and atmosphere which disappeared in other areas in Rome: there are bars,restaurants and cafès for those who work and for tourists, but also small fruitshops or groceries, artisans workshops, furniture and design shops, artgalleries and bookstores.

  • Othercourses include: Italian Art History, Opera singing, Amateur Italiancooking courses, language vacation courses and painting in the Tuscanycountryside.

    We organise also many cultural activities like toursguided by an Art Historian, discounted prices for theatre, Opera, ballets andconcerts, cooking courses for amateurs at a private house.

  • Upon request, Ciao Italiacan book different kinds of accommodation  (family or apartmentshared with other students) for all the duration of the course for the studentswho book a Standard or Intensive course with us. Accommodation is booked inthe city, in central areas with convenient amenities well-connected to theschool by means of public transport. 

    Different options are available:

     Shared flat with a family or withother students
    The modern Italian families are generally composed of a single person andrarely there are children. 
    Students can share the flat with foreign or Italian occupants. Single rooms arealways available. Double rooms are available only if requested by two peoplefor the same period.

    All flats include the use of the kitchen.Bathroom is sometimes shared with the flat owner. Upon request, some hostfamilies can provide half-board service.


    Single room

    4 weeks (27 night)

    Min. 520

    Single room

    3 weeks (20 night)

    Min. 420

    Single room

    2 weeks (23 night)

    Min. 320

    Double room

    4 weeks (27 night)

    Min. 370

    Double room

    3 weeks (20 night)

    Min. 270

    Double room

    2 weeks (13 night)

    Min. 170

    Breakfast supplement

    Price per day

    Min. 5

    Half-board supplement (breakfast+ dinner)

    Price per day

    Min. 18

     NB:  Ciao Italia actsonly as an intermediary.
    The students must notify the exact date and time of their arrival to theirflats owner. Accommodation is normally booked from the Sunday before the firstday of the course, to the Saturday after the last day of the course.
    A deposit of 80 is required. In case of late cancellation, the deposit willbe given to the flats owner as a refund.

    Students will pay the total amountdue for the rent directly to the owner on the first day of the course. Thewhole deposit will be deducted from the cost of the course. 


    In Hotel or Residence 

    Different kinds of hotels or residences ofany standards are available in the area of the school. For more information please contact the Secretarysoffice.


    Upon request, Ciao Italia can issue, a final certificate at the end of the course which states the type of course attended, period of attendance and level of Italian knowledge attained.

    valid to apply for a study visa

    On request, Ciao Italia can issue an certificate of enrolment, which enables the student to apply for a study visa or to obtain a permit of stay (Permesso di soggiorno).

    Applicants who are not citizens of the European Union and who want to enrol for a period exceeding 3 months need to make a request for a visa for study purposes at their home country Italian Embassy beforehand. In order to obtain a study visa aCertificate of Enrolment is required.

    Ciao Italia will issue a Certificate of Enrolment to students who apply for a visa for study purposes only after receiving a payment of their bill and only for the duration of the language course.

    If the visa application is rejected by the Italian Embassy after receiving the Certificate of Enrolment, the applicant is entitled to a complete refund if communicated within 30 days less an administrative fee of € 50 (bank fees at the student’s expenses).

    After having obtained the visa for study purposes, it is not possible to cancel or change the dates of the courses for which the visa has been obtained.

    For students who have been granted a visa for study purposes Ciao Italia takes the responsibility of informing the authorities in case of no-show for 2 consecutive days without any justified reason.

    "We also inform you that Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad can issue a study visa, for more than three months, only for registrations in at least 20-hour per week courses. We advice to get all possible information at the Italian Embassies to know of all the required documentation needed to apply for a visa. To obtain a study visa each student is required to pay the first two months of the course in advance plus 20% deposit on the remaining months.”





  • Ciao Italia  is:

     member of ASILS,  Association of Language Schools of Italian as a ForeignLanguage.

     member of EDUITALIA, Consortium of Italian universities and schools.

     registered with the Chamber ofCommerce of Rome in order to promote"the diffusion of the Italian culture abroad and the teaching of theItalian language".

     recognised by the BILDUNGSURLAUB of Hamburg,Berlin and Frankfurt.


    Eachlesson lasts 55 minutes 




    Standard (S2)

    2 weeks



    Standard (S3)

    3 weeks



    Standard (S4)

    4 weeks



    Added week (S1)

    1 weeks



    3 months standars (15% discount)

    12 weeks



    6 months standars (15% discount)

    24 weeks



    Intensive (I2)

    2 weeks

    40 + 20


    Intensive (I3)

    3 weeks

    60 + 30


    Intensive (I4)

    4 weeks

    80 + 40


    Intensive (IA2)

    2 weeks

    40 + 10


    Intensive (IA3)

    3 weeks

    60 + 15


    Intensive (IA4)

    4 weeks

    80 + 20


    Extensive (E2)

    12 weeks



    Extensive (E3)

    12 weeks



    Conversation Courses (C.C.)

    2 weeks min.



    Special courses (S.C.)

    4 weeks



    Individual lessons




    Individual lessons




    Individual lessons




    Individual lessons




    Amateur cooking course





    Registration fee 40,00 includingcourse material, entry test and final certificate, accommodation service, useof the school facilities - library, video library, Internet - and some socialand cultural activities 

  • CIAO ITALIA offers Scholarships to students through the Italian Institutes ofCulture and departments of Italian in Universities around the world.

    The scholarships entitlethe students to a reduction on our Standard courses as described in the schemebelow:


    Discount rate

    Course type

    50% reduction

    Standard Course  4 weeks ( code S4)

    40% reduction

    Standard Course  3 weeks ( code S3)

    30% reduction

    Standard Course  2 weeks ( code S2)


    Theregistration fee has to be added to the course fee (including course material,entry test, final certificate, accommodation service, use of the schoolfacilities library, video library, Internet - and some social and culturalactivities).



    In order to get a Scholarship, students are required to do as follows:

    Contact the Italian Institute of Culture or Department of Italian where the student attends Italian courses

    Apply for a Scholarship to study at Ciao Italia

    The Institute or Italian Department will notify the scholarships application to Ciao Italias secretary office

    Only upon receipt of this  official notice, Ciao Italia will confirm the application and contact the student


    An updated list of Italian Institutes abroad is available at Ministry of ForeignAffairs.

    NB. In case the ItalianDepartment at your University doesn't have a reciprocal agreement with CiaoItalia, you can request from the person in charge of Scholarships to get in touchwith us. We would bepleased to forward them our offer!


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