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Torre di Babele

Via Cosenza,7
  • The Italian language school "Torre di Babele" is officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education and has been in operation since 1984 offering Italian language courses in Italy for students from all over the world as well as training courses for teachers of Italian for foreigners.

    The Italian School in Rome
    The Italian language school is located in the historic center of Rome, in an elegant Art Nouveau neighborhood full of trees and parks near "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

    The school occupies two large floors of an elegant "Liberty" villa surrounded by a spacious garden: the ideal atmosphere to learn the Italian language and to enjoy the city of Rome.

    Italian Courses by Qualified Teachers
    The Italian language courses, which are offered all year round, are taught by highly qualified teachers in small groups, with a maximum of 12 students. Also operating as a teacher-training center, the school has developed dynamic teaching methods and a stimulating Italian language program that incorporates students' personal interests and various aspects of Italian culture and life.

    Italian Culture, Italian Cooking
    We offer a rich and stimulating extracurricular program that includes guided tours of Rome, seminars on Italian art, architecture, cinema, literature, politics, Italian cooking and wines. Our weekend excursions include visits to Pompeii, Naples, Orvieto, Florence and other points of interest in Italy.


    The Italian Language School and Center of Italian Culture, "Torre di Babele", is located in an elegant, central Art Nouveau neighborhood of Rome, near "La Sapienza" University of Rome, historic "Villa Torlonia" park and the main railway station "Termini". This area of Rome has many tree-lined streets and parks (Villa Torlonia, Villa Massimo, Villa Ada, Villa Borghese) and is only a few minutes walk from the popular student quarter "San Lorenzo", whose pubs, cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and lively nightlife are well known throughout Italy.

    The Italian language school occupies two large floors of an elegant Art Nouveau villa. The air-conditioned building is surrounded by a spacious garden where classes may be held outdoors and students can spend their breaks and free time. Thanks to the numerous means of public transport serving the area, it is possible to reach the most famous monuments and important places of Rome in minutes. The Italian language school is easily reached from any part of town and is only two metro stops from the main railway station "Termini" and from "Tiburtina" Station (which also has direct service to Fiumicino Airport).

    This very centrally-located yet elegant and tranquil location offers an ideal environment to study in and to enjoy the city of Rome, outside the limits of the usual tourist itineraries.

    "Torre di Babele" is an Italian language school where quality teaching and a wide variety of Italian language courses come together in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, where each student finds a personalized welcome and attention.

    This warm reception from the teachers and staff helps our students feel at home right from the start and ensures that they receive the assistance needed to make their stay in Rome pleasant, safe and interesting.

    The Italian language school has many sunny classrooms as well as a student lounge with a number of computers with free Internet access.


    All Italian courses are taught by highly trained teachers specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. The permanent teaching staff is directed by a curriculum coordinator who also supervises the development of new and up-to-date teaching materials. Lessons are held Monday through Friday in the morning or afternoon.

     Teaching Methods  Certification
     Teaching Materials  Diploma
     Italian Language Test    


    The teaching methods used at our Italian language school is based on communication. Students actively exercise the four fundamental functions of the language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Particular attention, however, is given to conversation, to develop in the student an increasing capacity to express himself and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course. Naturally this method includes the study of the rules of Italian syntax and grammar, which are essential to language learning, but which, alone, are not sufficient for gaining a real command of the Italian language.


    The school's continuing research into improved methods has resulted in the development of textbooks and related cassettes. Various authentic materials have been carefully collected and are used throughout the courses: slides, video-cassettes, radio excerpts, newspaper and magazine articles, films, literary, texts, songs, etc. These materials also expose the student to Italian culture.


    Before the start of the course, each student is given an oral and a written test to determine his knowledge of the Italian language in order to be placed in the appropriate level .


    Our Italian language courses are offered at several levels designed for those just starting to learn to speak Italian, to those who are almost fluent. Before the start of the course, each student is given an oral and a written test to determine his knowledge of the Italian language in order to be placed in the appropriate level.

    Levels of Italian
    Basic Level Advanced Level
    Intermediate Level Skill Perfection


  • Since 1984 we have offered a welcoming environment where people from around the world can learn Italian,  get to know one another and share experiences.

    Courses in small groups and flexible timetable

    Italian courses vary in the number of lessons per week and whether they are in group and/or individual lessons.

    Group courses begin every two weeks. Non-beginners can start every Monday. Our courses have an average of  7 to 8 participants and a maximum of 12.  Lessons are held mornings or afternoons Monday through Friday.  Each  lesson lasts 45 minutes.

    We offer the following types of courses: 

    An interactive, student centered method

    The teaching method is based on communication. Students actively exercise the fundamental functions of the language. Particular attention, however, is given to conversation, in order to develop students’ abilities to express themselves and communicate in Italian from the very beginning of the course.

    Entrance and evaluation test

    Before the beginning of their first course, students are given an oral and a written test to determine their knowledge of the language and thus ensure that they are placed in the appropriate level.
    Students must pass a test at the end of each level in order to move up to the next.

    Test your Italian


    Each type of course is offered at all levels, from absolute beginner to the most advanced and skill-perfection levels. The structure and the contents of the levels offered are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (C.E.F.)

    Teaching staff

    All courses are taught by highly trained instructors  specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

    Language and culture

    While 25% of the world's great works of art and architecture are found in capital cities around the globe, the remaining 75% are spread throughout Italy.  Anyone studying the Italian language is bound to be captivated by the country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage.  
    Beyond the study of the language, immersion in art and culture is a way to experience the soul of a country not possible with a simple vacation.  For this reason, 'Torre di Babele' provides the chance to experience firsthand the best of Italian art and cultural traditions.

    In addition to Italian language studies, the following courses are offered:

    Culture courses      


    Italian Language School Building1984-2004 : This year "Torre di Babele" celebrates its 20th year in business and to mark this occasion we moved to our new premises at the following address:

    Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana
    New Address:
    Via Cosenza, 7
    00161 Roma. Italia

    Tel.: +39 06 44 25 25 78
           +39 06 44 25 24 91
    Fax: +39 06 44 25 19 72

    e-mail :
    Website :

    Our elegant new centre has large and bright classrooms and a multimedia room equipped with various computers with free internet access.

    Reception - Italian Langauge SchoolThe school building, fully air conditioned, is surrounded by a spacious garden where open air courses are also held and where students can relax during their breaks and free time after their lessons. The school building is located in the central and elegant "Liberty" area of Rome, close to the University "La Sapienza", to the historical park "Villa Torlonia" and to the main train station "Termini".

    The Italian language school is easily accessible  by public transport and is located   2 subway stops from the central station "Termini".

           Classroom - Italian Language Courses       Classroom - Italian Language Courses

    Means of transport :

    Subway line "B" stop "Policlinico".
    Tramways : 3 and 19.
    Buses: 61, 490, 491,495,649,310.

    For any further information we remain at your  complete disposal. Awaiting to receive you soon in our new premises we send you our best regards.

           Garden - Italian Language School        Coffee Place - Italian Language School


    An introduction to Italian Culture

    Living in Italy - even if it is only for a short time - is a unique experience, full of opportunities. Rome is a lively metropolis, with an exciting cultural scene.

    The city offers a broad range of events throughout the year to satisfy the tastes of all age groups. It has the world's largest outdoor museum, hundreds of churches, countless monuments, museums, galleries, theaters and cinemas.

    There are frequent concerts of all types of music - opera, classical, jazz, rock, etc. The school's cultural program makes it possible for you to enjoy the city and its events while learning Italian.

    The following activities are offered on a regular basis:

     Introduction to Rome: the town, its services, and its cultural events.
     Guided tours of Rome: Art history itinerary; Italian architecture itinerary.
     Italian Cinema: Presentation and viewing of films of representative Italian directors
     Italian Literature: The new Italian writers.
     The Regions of Italy: history, culture, traditions, and life today.
     Italian "Opera".
     Italian songwriters.
     Excursions during the week-end to Naples, Pompeii, Orvieto, Florence and to the seaside
     Excursions and visits to the city's glorious parks (Villa Doria Pamphili, Parco della Caffarella, Appia Antica, etc.) 
     Sports: soccer and beach volleyball games

    During the summer, the city hosts the famous "Estate Romana" (arts festival), offering an impressive number of outdoor events, including concerts, dance, theater, cinema, etc. In this period, the school organizes evenings out where teachers accompany students to various events.

    Participation in the school's Italian cultural program is free of charge. You pay only when trips, meals, museum entrance or other paid events are involved.

    In addition to our extracurricular program, we also offer seminars on Italian culture:

    Italian culture, food and wine
    The school organizes seminars led by experts active in various fields of Italian culture. These seminars are directed towards those who have at least an intermediate knowledge of the Italian language. The minimum number of participants in each group is five and students interested in taking part in a particular seminar may reserve a place at the beginning of the course. The cost of the seminars is not included in the enrollment fees and will be charged extra.

    We organize seminars on the following subjects:

     Italian literature: An overview of literary production in Italy in recent years
     Art history: Rome and its masterpieces. Guided tours and slide-lectures on selected topics
     Italian architecture: The center and the suburbs; Architecture of the last 100 years in Rome New tendencies in Italian architecture today.
     Italian cinema: monographic seminars on the most important Italian directors
     Italian cooking: for those who love Italian food and want to learn to prepare traditional dishes. The seminar is held in the home of the cooking instructor.
     Italian wines: general introduction to the knowledge of Italian wine. How to recognize, appreciate, define and drink a good Italian wine



    The Italian language school,"Torre di Babele", offers participants a variety of housing options in Rome upon request for the duration of their course.


    The apartments generally have two or more bedrooms. The kitchen and bathroom are shared with others in the apartments.

    Participants in the language course live in an apartment with other students from our Italian courses and/or Italian students.


    Participants in the Italian language courses live with local residents (rarely families with children, more likely young couples or people living alone). The kitchen and bathroom are shared with the others in the apartment. Breakfast or half-board service is available upon request. We recommend reserving the rooms as far in advance as possible.

    In both types of shared apartments, you can reserve a single or double room in two-week blocks, specifically from the Sunday before the course begins to the Saturday immediately following the end of the course.

    The rent must be paid at the beginning of your stay. Rent includes gas, electricity and sheets. Towels are not provided. If a room is not available in one of the student apartments, the school will reserve a room in an apartment with locals, or vice versa. Rooms are not booked for participants in the non-intensive courses. In the private local apartments, it is possible to request breakfast or half-board service. Requests for housing other than the types offered here can be made through our reception office.


    Upon request, it is possible to reserve a room, including breakfast or half-board, in one of the hotels of various categories near the school in Rome.


    Rooms with use of kitchen in apartments with other students or locals (price per person)


    Price per person



    1 week


    2 weeks


    3 weeks


    4 weeks


    extra week



    € 185

    € 300

    € 430

    € 540

    € 135



    € 135

    € 205

    € 310

    € 380

    € 95

    Extra night in single or double: 20 Euro a night

    In apartments with locals it is possible to request the following services:

    • Half Board: 18 Euros extra per day
    • Breakfast: 3 Euros extra per day

    Rooms in Hotels ** - price per night with breakfast




    € 60 / 100



    € 90 / 120

    In the neighborhood of the school there are numerous hotels of different categories, from 5 star down to the cheaper B&B. Contact us for any advise. Please have a look at the list of Hotels we usually work with.

    Indipendent apartments


    It is also possible to book an independent apartment of various mq. The average cost is about 1.100,00 Euros a month. Generally a deposit is requested at the time of booking. 


    Transfer service


    From the airport to the accommodation



    € 75


    From the railway station to the accommodation

    € 45


    For any further information contact us!

    The school offers also the following services:

    Pick-up service


    On request and at extra cost, the school can arrange transport service from the train station or airport to the accommodationsand vice versa. Pick-up service must be requested at least one week in advance

    2013 prices are as follows:

    • From airport to accommodations (one way) 80 €
    • From railway station to accommodations (one way) 45 €


    During their breaks students can enjoy the students’ room off the garden, where snacks, hot and cold drinks are available. Students can also enjoy one of the numerous bars and cafeterias close to the school.


    Internet service

    Free of charge, PCs with internet access are available for all the students during open hours. Wi-Fi access is also available throughout the building and school garden.


    Tandem service

    Free of charge, the school offers “Tandem interlinguistic exchange programs with Italians. Our students can practice and improve their Italian outside the classroom with native speakers.


     Au pair service


    The school works with a placement agency to find positions for girls who wish to be placed with families in the capacity of 'au pair'.

    Earn credits while learning Italian in Italy

    Our 4 lessons per day (50 minutes each/ 20 hours/week) Italian program as well as our more intensive programs can qualify for college credits. For example, a student wanting 3 credits for our 2 week program would have to attend a minimum of 3 additional hours per week in cultural programs or take a more intensive program. If the student wants 3 credits in 3 weeks, theoretically, classroom time would be sufficient.

    Advancement in our Italian language classes works in the following way: every two weeks the student has to pass a written test of Italian in order to pass to the next level. The evaluation of oral competence is given by the two instructors who teach in the class.

    Cultural activities offered by the school are a complementary part of the program. The school offers a rich and interesting extracurricular program with guided tours of Rome, seminars on Italian Art, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Politics, Italian cooking and wines. During the weekends excursions to other sites of interest in Italy are also offered (Pompeii, Naples, Orvieto, Florence)

    We are co-operating with an organization that facilitates the possibility of getting college credits - Academic Assessment Associates International. You may visit their site at the following address:


    At the completion of our advanced level of Italian, students have the opportunity to take a written and oral exam in order to obtain the "Torre di Babele" Italian Language Certificate.

    This is a proficiency examination at an advanced level and is suitable for people who require Italian for professional or study purposes.

    The exam has 5 components: reading, writing, Italian grammar, listening and speaking and there is a special emphasis on real-life tasks.

    Exams are given at the end of each month.


    Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language
    Our school is a preparatory center for the CILS Exam (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) offered by the Universitą per Stranieri in Siena. The CILS certificate is a title of proficiency in the Italian language and is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many Italian universities require the CILS certificate for admission.

    The CILS exam is divided into four levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced. Each level comprises tests in 5 sections: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, analyses of the structures of communication, writing skills and speaking skills. The CILS exam is given in Rome twice a year - once in the beginning of June and again in the beginning of December. Registration is required one month in advance.

    The school organizes specially-designed preparatory courses for the CILS exam taught by our teachers who specialize in this area. This CILS preparatory course has a duration of minimum 10 hours of individual lessons.



    The Italian language school "TORRE DI BABELE" is:

    check ISO 9001:2000 Certified. In conformance with the International Standards for Quality Management Systems. To view the the certificate please click hereiso 9001:2000 Certification Office
    Certification Agency Sincert
    officially authorized by The Italian Ministry of Education
    Ministero della Pubblica Istruzioneaccredited by The Italian Ministry of Education as a training center for Teachers of Italian as a Second Language.
    Associazione Scuole di Italiano come Lingua Secondaa founding member of A.S.I.L.S., the official Association of Italian language schools in Italy which guaranties the quality of the teaching and services provided.
    check Tandem Internationala member of the international association of language schools committed to the development, research and enhancement of state of the art teaching methods. Tandem international is also a member of ALTO and FIYTO. fiyto logoalto
    Acreditations from ELITE to our Language Schoolaccredited by E.L.I.T.E., the European Federation, whose principal aim is to apply the European Quality Charter in terms of teaching, orientation on arrival and housing.
    logo unistrasiaccredited by the University for Foreigners of Siena as an Authorized Exam Center for DITALS (The Certificate for Teachers of Italian as a foreign language).
    check logo cilsaccredited by the University for Foreigners of Siena as an authorized examination centre for the CILS certificate
    universita ca foscari logoaccredited by the University "Ca' Foscari" of Venice as Teacher Training Center for degreeing teachers of Italian as foreign language
    logo csnapproved by the Sweden’s CSN (Swedish National Agency for higher Education)
    check recognized by the German Federal States for BILDUNGSURLAUB.
    checkpoint logo eduitaliaa member of Eduitalia. EDUITALIA is a non-profit consortium committed to increasing the presence of foreign students and researchers in Italy. It works to promote international exchange with the goal of overcoming national and cultural borders of every country
    check excellence-awardpresented with the Excellence Award 2007 for outstanding customer satisfaction ratings worldwide at LanguageCourse.Net
  • Language courses starting dates

    Short term course  - Middle term course  - Long term course - Espresso course 
    - Intensive PLUS course - Superintensive A course - Superintensive B course 
    Individual course
































































    *    starting dates for absolute beginners –  non beginners may start on any Monday.
    **   course starting on Tuesday (also for absolute beginners).
    *** due to DITALS exams, lessons will not take place on the following days: February 17. and July 21. Those lessons will be made up. 

    50+ courses starting dates
    • From May 12 to May 23, 2014               From October 13 to October 24, 2014

    Cils courses starting dates

    • From May 5 to June 4, 2014               From November 03 to Dicember 03, 2014

    Non intensive courses starting dates 
    • Courses run from October to June. It is possible to enroll at any time.  
    Individual courses starting dates

    • It is possible to start an indivudual course all year round. 

    National holidays

    The school will remain closed on the following days for national holidays.

    2014: January 6 - April 21 - April 25* - May 1 - June 2 - August 15 - December 8

    These lessons are forfeited.
    * The lessons of April 25 will be made up during the week.

    • From December 21, 2013 to January 6, 2014 the school will be closed for the Christmas holidays
    • Lessons are of 45 minutes each
    • Prices are change after the January 1, 2014

      Italian Cooking – non professional courses 

      Italian and Cooking

      1 week - 15 Italian language lessons + 3 cooking sessions + 1 session on wines. Group course. 
      Dates 2014May 26 - June 23 - September 29 - October 13,  

      Italian Cooking 
      1 week - 3 cooking sessions +1 session on wines. Group course. 
      Dates 2014:  May 26 - June 23 - September 29 - October 13,   
      Individual Course any time during the year 1 session of 3 hours + complete meal

      Italian Cooking – professional courses

      Professional Courses 
      Chef 1st and 2nd level, Pastry Chef, Pizzeria  
      Starting dates: January - April - September  

      Italian and Design

      Language and Design Experience  

      Italian and Architecture

      Italian and Architecture 2 weeks  (40 language lessons and 20 of theory / workshop
      from July 21 to August 1, 2014

      Italian, Art, Painting and Sculpture

      Language and Art Immersion 2 weeks  (40 language lessons and 18 of design/painting)
      from July 7 to July 18, 2014

      Italian and Photography 

      Language and Photo Immersion 2 weeks (40 language lessons and 30 of photo immersion)
      from September 15 to September 26, 2014

      Italian, Restoration and Decorative Arts

      The duration of the course can be from 2 to 4 or more months.
      courses  are held from September to July; language classes in the mornings and restoration lab in the afternoons.

      Italian and Jewelry

      Individual Courses are offered all year round.

      Italian and Music (Vocal and Instrumental)

      Courses are offered all year round.


      Enrollment fee : 60 € (valid for 1 year)
      :  24 € 


      The enrollment fee includes: teaching material, participation in the cultural program, certificate of attendance, room finding service, 'Tandem' and free use of Internet (also Wi-Fi).


      The room finding service is not valid for students attending a non-intensive course.

      Short Term Intensive Standard Course
      (4 group lessons per day)
        1 week  20 lessons200,00 €  
        2 weeks  40 lessons395,00 €  
        3 weeks  60 lessons580,00 €  
        4 weeks  80 lessons755,00 €  
        5 weeks  100 lessons920,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Middle Term Intensive Standard Course
      (4 group lessons per day)
        6 weeks  120 lessons996,00 €  
        7 weeks  140 lessons1.162,00 €  
        8 weeks  160 lessons1.312,00 €  
        9 weeks  180 lessons1.494,00 €  
        10 weeks  200 lessons1.660,00 €  
        11 weeks  220 lessons1.826,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Long Term Intensive Standard Course
      (4 group lessons per day)
        12 weeks  240 lessons1.692,00 €  
        16 weeks  320 lessons2.256,00 €  
        20 weeks  400 lessons2.820,00 €  
        24 weeks  480 lessons2.850,00 €  
        28 weeks  560 lessons3.330,00 €  
        32 weeks  640 lessons3.810,00 €  
        36 weeks  720 lessons4.170,00 €  
        40 weeks  800 lessons4.650,00 €  
        44 weeks  880 lessons5.130,00 €  
        48 weeks  960 lessons5.250,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Intensive Course 'Espresso'
      (3 group lessons per day - maximum duration 4 weeks)
        1 week  15 lessons180,00 €  
        2 weeks  30 lessons310,00 €  
        3 weeks  45 lessons450,00 €  
        4 weeks  60 lessons594,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Intensive 'Plus'
      (4 group lessons + 1 mini-group lesson per day)
        1 week  20+5 lessons360,00 €  
        2 weeks  40+10 lessons680,00 €  
        3 weeks  60+15 lessons995,00 €  
        4 weeks  80+20 lessons1.260,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Super-Intensive 'A'
      (4 group lessons + 1 individual lesson per day)
        1 week  20+5 lessons395,00 €  
        2 weeks  40+10 lessons785,00 €  
        3 weeks  60+15 lessons1.150,00 €  
        4 weeks  80+20 lessons1.465,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Super-Intensive 'B'
      (4 group lessons + 2 individual lessons per day)
        1 week  20+10 lessons584,00 €  
        2 weeks  40+20 lessons1.110,00 €  
        3 weeks  60+30 lessons1.640,00 €  
        4 weeks  80+40 lessons2.100,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Individual Course 
      (1 or more weeks)
        1 week  10 lessons390,00 €  
        2 weeks  20 lessons780,00 €  
        3 weeks  30 lessons1.170,00 €  
        4 weeks  40 lessons1.560,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Non Intensive Course 
      (Evening course 4 lessons per week )
        5 weeks  20 lessons180,00 €  
        10 weeks  40 lessons360,00 €  
        15 weeks  60 lessons540,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Preparatory Group Course for CILS exam
      (CILS preparatory course, 4 group lessons per week)
        5 weeks  18 lessons220,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      50+ Course
      (2 weeks, 40 lessons + cultural program)
        2 weeks  40 lessons780,00 €  
       Enroll! More info
      Tour Italy
      (Italian course in 2, 3 or 4 cities)
        2 weeks  40 lessons790,00 €  
        3 weeks  60 lessons1.330,00 €  
        4 weeks  80 lessons1.700,00 €  
      Special italian language program for Russian students - 1 week - April 28.
      (May in Rome and Florence)
        1 week  16 + attivitą culturali lessons950,00 €  
      Special italian language program for Russian students - 1 week - May 5
      (May in Rome and Florence)
        1 week  20 + attivitą culturali lessons850,00 €  
      Special italian language program for Russian students - 2 settimane
      (May in Rome and Florence)
        2 weeks  36 + attivitą culturali lessons1.800,00 €  
      Juridical Italian for Brasilien Students
      (Juridical Italian Language Course)
        3 weeks  60+20+10 lessons940,00 €  
        4 weeks  80+20+10 lessons1.100,00 € 

    • Italian & Cooking
      (1 week, 15 language lessons + 3 meetings on Italian cuisine + 1 wine tasting )
      1 week3 meetings on Italian cuisine in the afternoon490,00 €
      1 wine tasting in the evening
       Enroll! More info
      Non professional group cooking course 
      (3 meetings in the afternoon, 1 meeting in the evening)
      1 week3 cooking meetings in the afternoon350,00 €
      1 Wine tasting in the evening
       Enroll! More info
      Non professional individual cooking courses
      (3 hours of cooking seminar)
      0 weeksPreparation of a complete menu100,00 €
      Please mind it is not possible to enrol on line - contact us
        More info
      Italian & Design
      (4 weeks, 80 + 60 lessons)
      4 weeks80 language lessons2.600,00 €
      60 lessons of Design
        More info
      Italian & Architecture
      (2 weeks 40 + 20)
      2 weeks40 Italian langauge lessons750,00 €
      20 lessonsof theory and workshop
       Enroll! More info
      Italian, Art, Painting & Sculpture
      (2 weeks 40 + 18)
      2 weeks40 Italian langauge lessons800,00 €
      18 hours of drawing and painting lessons
       Enroll! More info
      Italian & Photography
      (2 weeks 40 + 30)
      2 weeks40 Italian language lessons800,00 €
      30 hours photography
       Enroll! More info
      Italian, Restoration & Decorative Arts 
      (From 2 weeks to 4 months)
        More info
      Italian & Jewelry 
      (Italian language group course + Individual courses on Jewelry )
      2 weeksall year round500,00 €
      Mind it is not possible to enroll on line. Please contact us!
        More info
      Italian, Music Vocal & Instrumental 
      (Italian language group course )
        More info
      Italian & Fashion - Shoes
      (2 weeks 40 + 40)
      3 weeks40 Italian langauge lessons2.500,00 €
      40 Footwear design and production lessons
       Enroll! More info
      Professional Culinary Course: Chef level 1
      (33 lessons)
      12 weeksevery lesson = 4 hours3.400,00 €
      3 times a week
      Professional Culinary Course: Chef level 2
      (27 four-hour lessons )
      10 weeks1 lesson = 4 hours3.525,00 €
      3 times a week
      Professional Culinary Courses Pastry Chef
      (26 lessons)
      10 weeks1 lesson = 4 hours3.160,00 €
      3 times a week
      Professional culinary course: Pizza Maker
      (27 lessons)
      4 weeks1 lesson = 4 hours1.580,00 €
      5 times a week


    Every year the Italian language school, Torre di Babele, offers several scholarships to Italian Culture Institutes, Universities and Italian schools abroad.

    If you are interested, please apply to the closest Italian Institute or Italian Embassy.

    If you are a student at university or language institute, you may apply directly to Torre di Babele, enclosing a reference letter from your Italian teacher or professor. Alternately, you may ask the Italian department of your university or language institute to contact us.


    Our school is recognized by the following German Federal States for BILDUNGSURLAUB:

    • Berlin
    • Hamburg
    • Hessen
    • Niedersachsen
    • Schleswig-Holstein


    Our Italian language school has been approved by CSN Lund (Swedish National Students Assistance Board). Swedish students who enroll in our school in Rome can therefore apply for study grants.


    Every year our language school elects one or more countries “Countries of the Year” and offers a discounted price to all students of those nationalities.

    The five countries chosen for 2008 are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia. Thus, all citizens of these mentioned countries who enroll in one of our Italian language courses will get a 10% reduction on the course fee. This offer is valid until December 2008.


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