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C.L.I. Dante Alighieri - Roma

Piazza Bologna, 1
162 Roma,  
  • The School

    The Rome Language Centre of the Dante Alighieri group was opened in 1981 and specialises in the teaching of Italian language and culture to foreign students. The main school was set up in Florence in 1966 and today the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri has a number of other centres also in Greece. The school has authorisation from the Education Ministry and is open all year round.

    The Centre

    The Rome centre is housed in a stylish turn of the century building, at 1 Piazza Bologna. It is within easy reach of the city centre and all other areas, amply served by Underground Line B and many bus routes. The classrooms are large and bright and there is a terrace which, in spring, summer and autumn, becomes a meeting-place for students during breaks. All the classrooms are climatized.

    The Staff

    Our staff is on hand to provide information or help students with any problem.

    Giulia Savona, Head of Administration, has twenty years' experience with CLI and handles general management.

    Fabrizio Fucile, Head of Studies, has taught Italian and Latin since 1990, with a specialist interest in Italian Studies in which he gained his research doctorate and as well as handling management of studies, co-ordinates relations with oversea teaching institutes.

    Elena Lachin is Head of Student Services.

    Teaching Staff, Methods and Course-Books

    Members of the Danti Alighieri CLI teaching staff are all humanities graduates and have followed teacher training courses in the teaching of Italian as a second language, organised by the school. They keep abreast of new teaching concepts, methods and tools.

    The method adopted by the teachers is the communicative grammar method. Each lesson is structured in two parts: in the first, morpho-syntactical structures are presented and written and oral exercises immediately assess the individual student's level of understanding and reproduction. In the second part, the student learns to apply the new linguistic structures in the most varied situations from the colloquial to the more formal and bureaucratic, broadens his personal vocabulary and practices using the idiomatic expressions of spoken Italian.

    Course-books have been developed from years of experience and successful teaching methods used at the school: the books are the result of co-operation between language specialists and teachers themselves who have a more direct experience of the problems and needs of the students. The CLI Dante Alighieri course-books are used also by European and American schools and universities.


  • group courses 


    The courses progress through different levels (elementary, intermediate and higher), from level A1 to level C2 according to Global Scale of European Portfolio.

    Courses may be followed from a minimum of one week. Lessons are held from Monday to Friday and last 55 minutes.

    Groups are limited to a maximum of 10-13 students.  The limited class size and regular practice make it possible for teachers to follow the whole class individually, monitor daily progress and so obtain excellent results in a short time.



    length type Lesson times Prices
    GL 100 hours in 4 weeks Grammar, conversation + 20 hours culture Monday-Friday 9am-1pm Afternoon from 2pm Euro 880,00
    GL/2 60 hours in 2 weeks Grammar, conversation + 20 hours culture Monday-Friday 9am-1pm Afternoon from 2pm Euro 650,00
    G8 80 hours in 4 weeks Grammar and conversation Monday-Friday 9am-1pm Euro 620,00
    G8/2 40 hours in 2 weeks Grammar and conversation Monday-Friday 9am-1pm Euro 390,00
    G6 60 hours in 4 weeks Grammar and conversation Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm Euro 470,00
    GS2 20 hours in 4 weeks Grammar and conversation Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8.30pm Euro 180,00
    GD1 50 hours in 2 weeks Grammar, group conversation + 10 individual hours Monday-Friday 9am-1pm 2pm-3pm Euro 775,00
    GD2 60 hours in 2 weeks Grammar, group conversation + 20 individual hours Monday-Friday 9am-1pm 2pm-4pm Euro 1.135,00
    G4 40 hours in 4 weeks Italian grammar Monday-Friday 9am-11am Euro 120,00 

    individual courses

    With an individual course, the student has the chance to tailor the course to fit his needs and attain excellent results in a very short time. Such courses are particularly suited to the needs of executives, managers, diplomats, professionals, artists and university Professors and researchers.

    Highly-qualified teachers and a carefully planned syllabus are the keys to success which make students come back and recommend us to others.

    The timetable for individual courses is drawn up to fit in with the student's schedule. Weekend courses are also available.

    With courses D8, D10 and S9 (inclusive of dinner with the teacher in select restaurants) a good level of language may be reached in only two or three weeks.



    length frequency lesson times price
    D2 10 hours 2 hours a day 1 week Euro 400,00
    D4 20 hours 4 hours a day 1 week Euro 800,00
    D6 30 hours 6 hours a day 1 week Euro 1.200,00
    D8 40 hours 8 hours a day Lunch in "Trattoria" with teacher 1 week Euro 2.000,00
    S9 100 hours 11 hours a day Lunch in Restaurant with teacher 9 days Euro 4.500,00
    culture courses

    Cultural courses last two weeks and are held in the early afternoon.

    The course objective is to introduce the student to the culture,
    politics and society of Italy.

    Subjects offered each month are art, history and literature. Cycles of individual lessons may be organised on the history of politics and Italian society, the cinema, theatre and opera.

    The History of Art course covers: From Byzantine Art to Neoclassicism;
    the High Renaissance: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello; Venetian Art from Bellini to Canaletto; the Florentine 15th Century; Rome from Ancient Times to the 18th Century.
    A sample of the Italian Literature Topics with related reading-matter: Dante, the "Inferno"; the Birth of Poetry; Petrarch's "Canzoniere"; Manzoni's "Promessi Sposi;" Romantic Poetry: Foscolo and Leopardi; the 20th Century Novel; Sicilian writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

    The History Course covers: from the Unification of Italy to Fascism;
    from the Second World War to Modern Times.
  • The Centre

    The Rome centre is housed in a stylish turn of the century building, at 1 Piazza Bologna. It is within easy reach of the city centre and all other areas, amply served by Underground Line B and many bus routes. The classrooms are large and bright and there is a terrace which, in spring, summer and autumn, becomes a meeting-place for students during breaks. All the classrooms are climatized.


  • Extra-curricular and free-time activities

    Each month cultural and social events are arranged to which all students are welcome; also outside lesson hours, guided tours of the city are organised, led by the history of art teacher.

    Walks and bicycle trips, cinema evenings, dinners and parties are organised for students of the school to get to know one another.

    In the spring and summer months it is possible to take part in excursions and trips to places of particular artistic, cultural, historic and natural interest.

  • Student accommodation is in areas close to the school with carefully selected host families and Italian students in single or double rooms. All homes have been visited and approved by our Housing Officers.

    All accommodation includes use of kitchen facilities and receipt of incoming calls. Bedding is provided and changed by the host landlord.

    Upon request, the school will be happy to find flats or book hotel rooms or bed and breakfast accommodation with select establishments.

    If following a course during May to October, we advise you to book accommodation at least two months prior to the beginning of the course.

    type min(*) max(*)
    Single room  420,00  650,00 
    Single room + breakfast  470,00  660,00 
    Single room + halfboard  740,00  920,00 
    Double room (a person)  320,00  450,00 
    Double room + breakfast (a person)  380,00  500,00 
    Double room + halfboard (a person)  620,00  800,00 
    Independent flat  750,00  1300,00 
    (*) prices for 4 weeks
  • Certificates

    At the end of the first, third, sixth and ninth level the student can choose to sit written and oral tests for the relative certificate.
    Threshold Certificate of Italian
    Intermediate Certificate of Italian
    Higher Certificate of Italian
    Dante Alighieri Diploma
    The school also provides certificates of enrolment and attendance.

  • The Dante Alighieri CLI is internationally recognised by the Paris Union Latine and the Rotary Foundation, Evanston, US.

    Students come to us regularly from a number of oversea Universities, for example: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, US, with accreditation for the courses followed; Exeter University, Exeter, UK; and Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges, Bethlehem, PA, US.
    Scholarship students from Italian Institutes of Culture abroad, the University of Potsdam, the Humboldt University, Berlin and the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Spalato (Croatia) regularly attend the school.


  • A student with a basic knowledge of Italian can start courses on any Monday. Courses for complete beginners run on the dates listed below and the student should choose from the following:


    7-30 January/ 2-27 February / 2-27 March / 30 March-24 April 4-29 May / 1-26 June / 30 June-24 July / 3-28 August / 31August-25 September 28 September-23 October / 26 October-20 November / 23 November-18 December

    * Saturdays included

    The school closes for the following National Public holidays. Lessons are not made up: New Year’s Day, 1st January; the Epiphany, 6th January; Easter Monday (following Easter Sunday); Anniversary of the Liberation, 25th April; May Day, 1st May; Anniversary of the Republic, 2nd June, St. Peter and Paul, 29th June; the Assumption, 15th August; All Saints, 1st November; Immaculate Conception, 8th December; Christmas Day, 25th December; Boxing Day, 26th December.

    The school closes for the Christmas holidays from a few days before Christmas up to and including 6th January. The school remains open the rest of the year, including during the summer period.

  • Scholarships are available for part or all of the course fees, lasting one or more months. Information is available from an Italian Cultural Institute in the student's home country.

    CLI Dante Alighieri can grant scholarships directly to some deserving students. Applications for such scholarships should be accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae with list of qualifications and a letter of reference from a teacher of Italian who should also give an assessment of the student's knowledge of the language.


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